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Lifetime Chairmats Introduction


Selection Chart - Proper chairmat selection depends on the overall thickness of the existing 

carpet and padding, if any, and the weight of the person or persons using the work area to be covered:


Custom Sizes and Shapes     

Beveled or straight edged chairmat?

Selecting a Lifetime Chairmat

Shapes & Sizes     


Why chairmats any way? 


Why do we need chairmats any way? 

Typical commercial grade carpeting is thinner today than in the past. Combine that fact with currently available "carpet caster" on office chairs and one can see why many offices initially choose to work without chairmats. Though it is possible to move around an office area or work cell without a chairmat, there are two reasons that make it unwise: 

1. Although carpet is commonly dense enough to allow a rolling chair to move, the carpet fibers and backing were not designed to handle the extreme pressure generated by casters. The downward force of a chair wheel or caster is nearly 100 times greater than a normal footstep. Unprotected carpet will loose fibers and its backing will break down, thus shortening the life expectancy of the carpet.

2. Use of chairmats can significantly reduce lower back and joint strain because casters move more easily over hard surfaces. The typical office employee moves his or her chair over 250 times a day. These movements may be just inches, but they require up to twice as much effort without a chairmat. Given the frequency of these movements, an office without chairmats is more susceptible to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Therefore, chairmats are an ergonomic choice to reduce the likelihood of RSI and lower back fatigue.  

Do I need a beveled edged or a straight edged chairmat?

It's a good question. If the chairmat will not be covering the actual area where the user's chair will be rolling, then a beveled edged chairmat is appropriate to make it that much easier to roll on and off the mat. If the chairmat will be covering every where the user will roll, the beveled edge is as necessary. 

When on of the thicker mats, such as the Big Boss or the Top Brass are used, the same guidelines apply. However, if it is felt that people moving around the desk and crossing over the chairmat may "find" the edge of the mat, then a beveled edge is recommended to protect against tripping more than for the person rolling his or her chair on the mat.

Selecting the appropriate Lifetime Chairmat

Start with what kind of flooring or carpeting over which each chairmat will be used. 

Refer to the chart above which indicated the right Lifetime Chairmat thickness and style for the many different situations that exist in offices and homes where chairmats may be needed. 

Use a measuring tape and graph paper to sketch out the "optimum" size and shape chairmat for each location. 

Compare the sketches to the standard shapes and sizes to see if one or another will satisfy each of the chairmats required. The part number of each Lifetime Chairmat, a detailed description and its price (including delivery to anywhere in the Continental USA) is listed on the web page or pages dedicated to that style or thickness.

If there is no appropriate size or shaped mat among the standard offerings, refer to the Custom Cut Mats section of that Lifetime Chairmat information chart. 

Determine the overall size of the chairmat needing to be Custom Cut by multiplying its over all length by its overall width and dividing the result by 144 (the number of inches in a square foot). The result will be the number of square feet of Lifetime Chairmat material required to make that Custom Cut Mat.

To determine the price of that Custom Cut chairmat, multiply the number of square feet of material needed by the indicate Price per SF (square foot). The resulting number will be the Price for that one mat delivered to anywhere in the Continental USA. 

Bulk Orders: Shipping costs may effect the overall price for multiple mat orders. Therefore, please submit the inventory of mats being priced to The Mat King via e-mail or Fax 1-800-Mats-Fax (628-7329). e will be pleased to provide an itemized quotation with freight charges for the entire order listed separately.

Lifetime Warranty 

Lifetime vinyl chairmats are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship or material. Should a Lifetime vinyl chairmat break or crack under normal usage, the manufacturer will replace the chairmat with a like or similar product (or, at its option, refund the original purchase price) upon proof of purchase and upon return of a small piece of the defective mat to the factory with transportation charges prepaid by the customer to and from the factory.

Colors are subject to normal action of exposure to sunlight and are therefore not covered by this warranty. The use of metal chair casters or casters with surface contact of less than one-half inch (1/2") in width or use on painted or varnished surfaces voids this warranty. The manufacturer reserves the right to inspect the returned goods for evidence of misuse prior to issuing any adjustment. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness, which are expressly excluded. Liability under this warranty is limited to the cost of the product and shall not extend to any other special or consequential damages.  

Lifetime Chairmats are extremely versatile and suitable for most applications. They feature a smooth textured top surface for slip and scuff resistance. The mats are made of virgin vinyl resins for economy, durability and clarity. All thicknesses are available with a studded back, while the Helping Hand , the Money Maker and the Top Brass types are also available in a flat-backed style and are textured on both sides. 

       Lifetime Chairmats are designed to ensure long-lasting service. Only the best quality raw materials and virgin plastics are used in the formulations from which Lifetime Chairmats are manufactured. The process for producing Lifetime Chairmats has been in place since 1978 and, although others mimic its Lifetime Warranty, no chairmat manufacturing process boasts of a lower return rate. Since its inception, less than 0.3% (fewer than 3 out of a thousand) mats produced using the Lifetime process have been damaged in normal use. The best warranty is the one you never have to use.

       Lifetime Chairmats are also built to look great.  Missing studs or the presence of tiny black specs so often found in other chairmats, are not tolerated in Lifetime Chairmats. Customers receive a perfect Lifetime Chairmat from The Mat King every time or a replacement is shipped without delay. Over 10,000 Lifetime Chairmats in a wide variety of styles, thicknesses, sizes and shapes are stocked which enables most orders to be shipped in just a few days - whether for one chairmat or for a thousand, standard or custom-cut. The Mat King is committed to provide the right Lifetime Chairmat on time every time!

Clear As Crystal Chair Mat With Lip  

Chairmat with a Lip

Modular Desk Chairmat

Clear As Crystal Rectangular Chair Mat  

Rectangular Mat


Standard Dimensions and Custom Sizes and Shapes: Each Lifetime Chairmat page lists standard sizes and shapes from which most applications can be satisfied. Mats 45"x53" and larger with Lips have 25" wide x 12" deep Lips. Smaller mats with Lips have 20" wide x 12" deep Lips. Other sizes and configurations are available and will be quoted upon request. E-mail to or Fax to 1-800-Mats-Fax (628-7329). Please see Custom Made Lifetime Chairmats for pricing and application suggestions.


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