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Standard Issue Disposable Paper Place Mats
Heavy Weight Paper at Light Weight Prices

    Standard Issue Disposable Paper Place Mats - The right and ecomomical choice for residential and institutional use. Makes each dining table experience that much more pleasant while keeping things nice and neat for the next hungry diner. Standard Issue Disposable Paper Place Mats are made of 50 lbs weight paper, similar to copy paper, and are absorbent, strudy and handsom place setting definers and are available with round, straight or scalloped edges. Standard Issue Disposable Paper Place Mats are 10" x 14" and come in self-dispencing boxes of 100 placemats per box.

Please Note:

1. Placemats are intended for use on tables, which may or not require cleasing after each use. Tray mats are intended for use in or on trays, which do require washing after each use. Click HERE for details about Standard Issue Tray mats.

2. Printed placemats and tray mats are required by law to be printed with "eatable" inks. Standard Issue Disposable Paper Place Mats provided by The Mat King are unprinted.



Placemat - Scalopped edge.


Standard Issue Disposable Paper Placemats
Product Number Description Price
9815-311-1014 Disposable Paper Placemats in self-dispensing box; 10"x14"; Color: WHITE; Edge: SCALLOPED; 100/box; 1 box only; 1.5#/box; $/box (rack#: placemat-100-311)
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