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Detectable Warning Mats
Obey The Law! Detectable Warning Mat Alerts Visually Impaired Persons Of Potential Danger Area

    The Detectable Warning Mats are manufactured from a proprietary urethane compound which is the same material used for impact bumper systems on cars.  This material is molded into incredibly durable single piece 24"x 48" mats with the truncated domes in the pattern now required by the Americans with Disabilities Act Law 4.29 to be easily detectable by foot or cane and are able to withstand heavy foot traffic, year after year on walking surfaces crossing or adjoining vehicular ways where no curb, wall or railing is present to alert visually impaired pedestrians that they are moving from a safe area to one of potential danger. The Detectable Warning Mat is available in black or yellow so as to allow a visual contrast with the adjoining pedestrian surfaces.


The upper-most surface of each truncated dome has a molded omni-directional design for slip resistance. The urethane also provides a clear contrast in resilience and in sound when sensed by use of a cane. 

Detectable Warning Mats are required on:

- paths adjoining the edge of a reflecting pool when not protected by railings, walls or curbs;

- curb ramps such that they extend "the full width and depth of the curb ramp";

- platform edges in transit stations require a continuous 24" wide detectable warning surface; all other applications require a continuous application that is at least 36" wide.


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Material: Urethane
The most economical solution for retrofitting existing locations

High visibility color that stays highly visible

Exclusive adhesive system ensures permanent placement


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