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A special composition allows the "Ant48" compound to be useful where protection of electrostatic sensitive devices is required. Charges generated by treading and scuffing may cause damages or working alterations to electronic instruments, if they are not quickly discharged to ground through a static dissipative flooring (ESD). The use of this kind of flooring, anyway,

Italian Rubber Flooring - Plan System / Static Dissipative Flooring (ESD) Illustration

Static Dissipative Flooring (ESD)

Sphere Granito Ant48
Sphere Multifloor Ant48
Sphere Spotfloor Ant48
Sphere Zeus Ant48

       Main electrical features according to EN 100015-1, DIN 51953, NFPA 99: Surface resistance 10 : 10 Ohm; resistance to ground 10 : 10 Ohm; Static decay time from 1000 to 50 Volt <0,2 sec.; Electrostatic charge to treading <0,02 kV
       Installation & Maintenance: To allow a proper drainage of electrostatic charges to ground, the use of conductive adhesive and the interposition of copper foil strips is required. The frequent use of mild detergents is suggested.

       Applications: Computer rooms; electric and electronic instruments maintenance centers; production, assembling and stock department of electronic components; radiology laboratories; analysis laboratories and sits where sophisticated electronic measurement devices are in use.

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