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Colorfest Deep Dyed Logo Mats
Inkjet printing technology goes to the mats.

    Colorfest Deep Dyed Logo Mats combine eye-catching appearance and high-performance durability. Welcoming guests to one's building or trade show booth while reiterating the company logo and providing a safe and clean appearance are all important factors that come to mind when redoing a lobby or getting ready for a traveling sales trip or trade show. Colorfest Deep Dyed Logo Mats logo mats offer this and more. Colorfest Deep Dyed Logo Mats are manufactured on state-of-the-art digital printers, which have the ability to print virtually an unlimited number of colors, create 3-D images, print very small letters and phase in colors. These vibrant mats are designed by our team of graphic artists and will enhance any interior.


       Colorfest Deep Dyed Logo Mats puts the eye-catching effects of inkjet printing technology in the hands of the finest logo mat makers and designers. Virtually any design with the most intricate of details can be rendered in high quality Colorfest matting material using a range of 25-standard colors and the ability to blend them together to achieve an unlimited number of color combinations.

Colorfest Deep Dyed Logo Mats can be used as entrance mats or as fabulous wall hangings.


       Colorfest Deep Dyed Logo Mats are made by injecting colorfast dyes deeply and permanently into heat-set triple-twist Nylon cut pile carpet. The design and colors make lasting statements in high-traffic areas such as entrances, lobbies, reception areas and at service counters.
       Colorfest Deep Dyed Logo Mats provide a durable welcome by capturing dirt, grit and moisture with in their heat-set triple-twist Nylon fibers that can endure years of wear. Colorfest mats help protect carpeting, tile, hardwood and any other fine floor finishes.

       Create full-sized designs and logos with high-definition clarity in mats up to 12' x 16'. Choose up to six colors per design from a rich looking and generous 32 -color pallet. 


Surface: The surface is made of solution-dyed Nylon which allows a manufacturer's limited warranty against significant color loss. The Colorfest Tightly Tufted Nylon strands are twisted and heat-set to help the Colorfest Tightly Tufted Mats resist crushing, makes them great dirt trappers and extends their performance life.

Borders: Colorfest Tightly Tufted Mats are edged on all four sides with reinforced Nitrile Rubber. The mats can also be supplied "borderless" for special situations such as when giving a visiting dignitary the "VIP Red Carpet Treatment" in a setting that may be outdoors or even in inclement weather such on board a naval vessel or on the tarmac of an air field. Colorfest Tightly Tufted Mats can take that kind of usage and, with the rubber edges or borders left off, will look the part.


Backing Options: Along with the three rubber thickness options, Colorfest Tightly Tufted Mats are typically supplied with a cleated Nitrile rubber backing for use over loop pile commercial carpeting or over hard flooring. Three rubber backing options are offered.

Smooth Rubber Backing: Ideally suited for non-carpeted surfaces such as tile, concrete and other hard floor surfaces. Smooth backing is offered in 52 mil, 65 mil and 90 mil thicknesses in all mat sizes.


Universal Cleat Rubber Backing: is the most popular and versatile backing option. The cleated pattern is designed to perform well on various types of flooring, including carpet, hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tile and concrete. Universal Cleat Rubber Backing is offered in 52 mil, 65 mil and 90 mil thicknesses in all sizes.


Suction Rubber Backing: can be utilized on high tracffic, non-carpeted surfaces. Customers find that this backing option works best in shopping malls, supermarkets, health care facilities or any area where carts or buggies could roll across the face of the carpet. This option is only available in 90 mil thickness and eight standard sizes: 2’ x 3’, 3’ x 4’, 3’ x 5’, 3’ x 10’, 4’ x 6’, 4’ x 8’, 5’ x 8’ and 6’x12’.
Cleaning: Colorfest Tightly Tufted Mats can be cleaned in a regular maintenance program with vacuuming, extraction cleaning, or hosing and hanging to dry. They can also be included in a commercial laundering program.
Colors: Choose up to 8 colors per mat from a pallet of 24 colors.
Aquamarine 415 Black 401 Burgundy 430 Chocolate 431 Dark Gold 427
Dark Grey 419 Emerald Green 421 Forest Green 422) Gold 423 Hot Pink 404
Light Blue 410 Moss Green 405 Navy 417 Orange 429 Pearl White 411
Purple 407 Red 406 Rose 409 Royal Blue 403 Sandalwood 413
Silver 418 Suede 426 Turquoise 414 White Silver 402 White
Yellow 425        
Colors: Wide range of 300 colors. Click HERE.


Face: Tufted Carpet
Yarn: Heat-set Twisted Nylon Yarn
Pile Height: 7/16"
Face Weight: 18.75 oz/sq2
Backing: Nitrile Rubber

Design Tips for creating Colorfest Deep Dyed Logo Mats

Emblem and Logo Mats as Wall Hangings



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