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Terms: Check or Wire Transfer with Purchase Order.

For complete Terms and Conditions please The Mat King Sales Department.

The Mat King materials are manufactured to RMA tolerances unless otherwise noted on a quotation or assigned by military specifications.

Pricing is subject to change without notice.
Material is shipped FOB factory with the following noted exception:

Sheet Rubber and diaphragm orders of $3,500 or more may be shipped prepaid with a 1% of the invoice added to the invoice as a Fuel Surcharge. There is no prepaid option with extruded products.

The Mat King reserves the right to ship quantities +/- 10% unless otherwise stated.
If test reports are required, The Mat King must be so informed prior to the Purchase Order being placed for possible test charges and added lead time.

Conformance report and First Article Test Reports are available. Please contact The Mat King Sales Department for related charges.
 Military specification products are quoted Not Marked specified on the quotation. If marking material to specification is required there is a $500 minimum lot marking charge or a charge per foot as determined by the order.

The Mat King does not specifically define its product as PSA ready. Material can be provided with a paper interleaf or buffed, allowing for the application of an adhesive or a surface “promoter” with an adhesive. It is best that the customer test the adhesive bond prior to placing their order.

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