Bounce Control Safety Surface
Exclusive Interlocking Design Offering Year Around Maintenance-free Protection

Features 3-Inch Wide Beveled Safety Edge 

Prevents Tripping While Stepping On To Or Off The Pad

       Bounce Control Interlocking Safety Surface is formulated with non-toxic synthetic rubber for maximum resistance to sunlight and weather. Bounce Control Interlocking Safety Surface has been used under the most extreme weather conditions and has the same safety cushioning  characteristics in the summer's hot sun or in the winter's damp and freezing temperatures. A special large pebble grain surface pattern helps keep children sure-footed even during wet and freezing weather. Bounce Control Interlocking Safety Surface surface dries before the playgrounds asphalt or concrete which enables safe play time during partial clearings on stormy days.


  Bounce Control Interlocking Safety Surface is designed with a special interlock system which is actually hidden from view under 1/4" rubber membrane. The interlock system, once engaged, is then sealed together with "hogrings" to create a permanent installation. The entire perimeter of the Bounce Control Interlocking Safety Surface pad is sub-anchored in three places every 24" inches. Each anchor comes with a soft rubber cover molded to it and is adhered to the subsurface with a resin grout into 4" footings.

       Tests have shown each anchor to withstand over three hundred pounds of pull. A complete Bounce Control Interlocking Safety Surface mat is virtually theft-proof and highly resistant to all forms of vandalism. Each border and corner tile has a full 3" beveled edge to create a trip-free transition from the play yard to the safety pad. Bounce Control Interlocking Safety Surface has a life expectancy in excess of ten years under normal usage and is virtually maintenance free.

Bounce Control Safety Surface - Sydney, Australia

Bounce Control Safety Surface - Kowloon, Hong Kong

Bounce Control Safety Surface - Los Angeles, CA

Bounce Control Safety Surface - New York, NY

Independent Testing Proves Superiority

       Bounce Control Interlocking Safety Surface has been tested by two independent national laboratories. Truesdail laboratories tested  Bounce Control Safety Surface for four consecutive months before submitting their findings. These tests have shown conclusive evidence that  Bounce Control Interlocking Safety Surface offers outstanding durability, resiliency and safety characteristics. test results are available upon request from the manufacturer. No Fall-Height protection level has been established for this product. 

Unique Shock Absorbing Construction

        The undersurface of each Bounce Control Interlocking Safety Surface has a unique tapered rib construction which provides 144 air pockets per square foot. These ribs are designed to partially collapse and seal the air in each pocket to produce shock absorbing safety for both heavy and light children falling from various heights.

"Designed To Prevent Serious Injury..."

      Bounce Control Interlocking Safety Surface was designed specifically to prevent serious injury to children falling from outdoor playground apparatus. Bounce Control Interlocking Safety Surface tiles are compression-molded to form a full one-and one-half inch thick rubber mat with thousands of air cells and ribs to mechanically absorb an cushion the shock of a child falling. Though no Fall-Height protection level has been established for this product, in over thirty years of usage on several million square feet installed in the United States alone, billions of hours of play time have been recorded, with not one reported serious head injury.

Widespread Applications

       Bounce Control Safety Surface has been employed under a wide range of applications where prevention of serious injury from falling is required. Typical applications include:
- Playgrounds
- Roof-Top Recreational Areas
- Running Tracks (Indoor & Outdoor)
- Health Club and Aerobic Dance Facilities
- Veterinary Hospitals
- Fast Food Play Areas

Easy To Install

       Bounce Control Safety Surface can be easily installed to cover rectangular surfaces, large or small.

Circles & Ovals L's, T's & Crosses Rectangles & Squares

Architectural Specifications For Bounce Control Safety Surface

  1. Hardness (Shore A) Durometer ASTM D2240 77 degrees 50 + 5.
  2. Weathering (Aging) Shore A ASTM after 7 days at 168 degrees F 52-57.
  3. Compression Recovery ASTM 545 Compression & Recovery 100% - 95%.
  4. Tensile Strength 375-450.
  5. Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion per ASTM D696-70 (In Part) (+ 15F to + 150F) = 2.57 x 10.
  6. Molded rubber no less than 1" thick with nonskid textured top surface.
  7. Top Membrane 1/4" thick.
  8. Abrasion Resistance -Norton Silicon Carbide grinding wheels - 8"dia. 1.5" wide 60 R.P.M. under pressure 50 lbs. 10,000 cycles after oven aging 250F 14 days. Less than 1/8" loss at deepest point.
  9. Compaction Resistant - 50,000 impacts 50 lbs. weight. Less than 0.2" indentation.
  10. Weatherometer-weight loss grams 500 hours at 145F 19.1 grams. Loss.
  11. Indentation & Recovery 500 lbs. dead weight 72 hours. Indentation - 35% Recovery - 99%.
  12. All blocks: Centers, Borders, Corners, Inside Corners are 24" x 24".
       INTENT OF PRODUCT: It is the intent of this item to provide a surfacing under play apparatus which will reduce injury to children. The surfacing shall be waffle-type molded mat with an abrasion resistant surface and ribs underneath which will provide an air entrained cushion.

Available In Four Attractive Colors:

Terra Cotta, Black, Blue, Green


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