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     If you need a mat that lies flat, stands straight ... goes up a wall, down a ladder, round a corner ... gets wet, so your floors keep dry ... is strong enough to hold an animal, stood on by people, jumped on by athletes, or weighed down by machinery ... traps dirt, absorbs oil ... shows your company logo or your name ... is ideal for home, office, factory, industry, plant, store, restaurant, hospital, gym, school, shopping center ... is perfect for indoor or outdoors will find it at The Mat King. If we don't have it in stock, we'll get it for you or we'll make it just for you. When you need a mat, you need The Mat King.

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740 West End Avenue; Suite 1
New York, NY, 10025 USA

Phone: (646)998-4208
Fax: (646)998-4073
USA, Canada, Puerto Rico Phone: 800-442-6544
USA, Canada, Puerto Rico Fax: 800-Mats-Fax (628-7329)

.About The Mat King the source of residential, industrial, athletic, architectural and military mats.

The Mat King Warranty for residential, industrial, athletic, architectural and military mats.

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