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Impression Flooring Index

Please Note: The entire Impression Flooring family of floor covering products is considered slip resistant and is manufactured with 100% vinyl, which water will not adversely affect, which is why all of the Impression Flooring products are commonly used in marine applications inside the galley, heads and staterooms. The installation for such applications needs to be done with welded seams and with urethane caulking around the perimeter of the flooring material to keep moisture from intruding under the vinyl flooring, which could result in fostering the growth of mildew. All Impression Flooring products can be used in interior applications. The Londeck series are exterior grade and made with UV stabilizers to protect them from long-term exposure to the deleterious effects of the sun's rays. Each style of Impression Flooring has a unique coefficient of friction rating, which is a measurement of the relative slipperiness of pedestrian floor surfaces. Please click HERE for a list of Impression Flooring products and their coefficient of friction ratings. The raised disc surface pattern differs from product-to-product. Please refer to the Raised Disc Surface Pattern Comparison Chart when to matching new flooring to flooring already in service. Click HERE to access the Raised Disc Surface Pattern Comparison Chart.
Embossed Surface Pattern Flooring
Loncoin I
Loncoin II
nimbus grey
Loncoin II Featherweight
loncoint II featherweight
Loncoin II Flecks
loncoin II featherweight quartz
dsLoneco Mesa
loneco mesa cactus tree
lonpearl caspian mist
Lonplate I
lomplate I imperial red
Lonplate II
lonplate II putty
Lonplate Patina
lonplate patina empire silver
Lonpoint Moonwalk
lonpoint moonwalk yellow
loncompass camel
lonpetite india
lonforce airforceblue
Embossed Fire Retardant Dielectric Flooring
Fire Retardant Electrical Grade PVC Matting - Lonmat UV/XL
fire retardant electrical grade pvc matting - blue
Lonmat Diamond
fire reardant electrical grade pvc diamond plate matting - green
    Lonforce Sheet Floor Covering FAA & USAF Approved
fire reardant electrical grade pvc diamond plate matting - green
Embossed Exterior Grade Flooring
londeck - briarwood
londeck sierra - cliff face
Londeck Sol
londeck sol - clay dust
Londeck Ridgeline
londeck ridgeline - russett
Smooth Surface Flooring
loneco - dewdrop
dLonfloor Galvanized Topseal
loneco - dewdrop
Lonfloor Plain
loneco - dewdrop
Lonfloor Vista
loneco - dewdrop
Lonfloor Vista
loneco - dewdrop
loneco - dewdrop
Lonmetro UV
loneco - dewdrop
Lonstage MT
lonstage MT - Gray
Lonstage UV
lonstage UV - shiny red
loncoint II featherweight
dsLonfloor Flecks
lonfloor flecks - sand castles
asLoneco with Topseal
loneco with topseal - sea coast
Smooth Sports Flooring
Loncourt I
loncort I busckweat
Loncourt II
loncort II maple
Loncourt UV
court UV buckwheat
Lonwood with Foam
lonwood with foam - golden oak
Lonwood Performa
lonwood performa - oak
Smooth Wood Grain Pattern Flooring
Lonwood Dakota 
lonwood dkota - pumpkin pie
Lonwood Natural
loncoint II featherweight
Lonwood Teak and Holly
lonwood teal and holly - timber
Lonwood Teak and Holly
lonwood teal and holly - timber
Lonwood Teak and Holly Glossy
lonwood teak and holly glossy - naudical
loncoint II featherweight
sLonwood Dakota with Topseal
lonwood -dakota with topseal - honey cakes
sLonwood Natural with Topseal
lonwood natural with topseal - thunderstorm
Lonwood Marine Vinyl Flooring
d371 Maple & Teak
371 Maple and Teak
d 373-Mahogany & Holly
Lonwood Marine 373 Mahogany & Holly
d3473 Solid Mahogany
3473 Solid Mahogany
d3475 Solid Teak
3475 solid teak
d375 Teak & Ebony
375 Teak and Ebony
d370 TeaK and Holly
370 teak and holly
d377 Walnut and Holly
377 Walnut & Holly
Impression Vinyl Flooring - Technical
Impression Vinyl Flooring - Underlayment
londeck ridgeline - russett
Raised Disc Surface Pattern Comparison Chart
Loncoin II Featherweight Loncompass



(3/4" diam. approx.)
(1/2" diam. approx.)
(1/8" diam. approx.)
londeck ridgeline - russett


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